Just the other day a keen eyed reader spotted an advertisement for an unknown product within the incontinence product category.  The product is Butterfly Body Liners (http://www.butterfly.com/.) These small, butterfly shaped absorbent pads provide protection for accidental bowel leakage (ABL).  

Here at Healthwick, we recognize that accidental bowel leakage is a major issue for countless men and women around the world, and consequently we sell and give out thousands of free samples of absorbent pads which are specifically designed for this condition.  The product in question has an absorbent core and two ‘wings’ with adhesive tapes.  The absorbent core is designed to physically touch the rectum, while the adhesive wings adhere to the buttocks securing the product in place.  

When customers come to us looking for bowel incontinence products we generally recommend:

TENA Comfort Pad Extra: http://www.healthwick.ca/tena-comfort-pad-extra/

TENA Comfort Night Super Pad: http://www.healthwick.ca/tena-comfort-night-super-pad/ or

Attends Shaped Pads Day Plus: http://www.healthwick.ca/tena-comfort-night-super-pad/  

None of which products are inserted in the buttocks.  A product which is designed to go between the buttocks seems a little wrong to us, but perhaps this is exactly what the market is looking for.

We would love to hear from customers who have used this or similar style products, or who simply have an opinion on this style of product.  


Janice D'Amico
03/23/2014 6:14pm

Wow. I'm shocked that you would put down a product that you have not even tried. I was thrilled when I saw an ad for Butterfly Body Liners. They fill a gap when diapers and pads are too much. They work perfectly for me when I'm experiencing light to moderate bowel leakage during the day. They work wonderfully and the fact that they touch my rectum does not bother at all. Don't knock it till you've tried it!!

Antonia Gossner
07/01/2014 4:49pm

I would love to try this product. Does anyone know where it is available in Saskatchewan?


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